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Eventmodul::anonymous.databody.muttering_addresses the phenomenon of our digital identity. knowbotic research builds data bodies from the many personal traces we leave when using forms of digital communi-cation. In this installation, visitors can activate the databodies of several ART Basel -participants, while these data streams in turn trigger acoustic and optical signals, and thus provide a spatial experience. TraceNoizer. Disinformation on Demand/ by LAN _Protect your databody clone it. Professional cloning assistance by TraceNoizer creators. TraceNoizer provides a tool, which enables the users to clone their databodies, multiply their userprofile and thus anonymize oneself online.


krcf in coop. with Max Rheiner, Peter Sandbichler,

Liste 01 Young Art Fair Basel, Warteck-Printing house, June 2001

plugin Basel

powered by tracenoizer Clone-it ! (featuring LAN and knowbotic research) All databodies of the ART Basel participants get cloned and protected during the week of the Art Fair.