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our CorpusFantasticaMOO. Following is the most recent version.
Log in: VNS Matrix
Password: queer
Now connecting to host network RAMpage
RAMpage: bentnet belladonna.stone.plant.666

~~~~~~ Welcome to CorpusFantasticaMOO! ~~~~~~
Running Version a of CorpusFantasticaMOO

CorpusFantasticaMOO is a colonised body, where entities without number meet. You may not understand some of the language you encounter in this body, and it would be advisable to familiarise yourself with other methods of constructing meaning. Never assume that you are speaking to a member of a privileged class, race, gender or species. We provide mindnet access for entities with particular needs. What resident or guest entities say or do may not always be to your liking. Beware - there is no moral code in this *place*.

connect Geneva Convention xtreme
Okay. Geneva Convention is in use

The Limen
You are at the threshold of the corpusfantastica. Seemingly infinite and infinitely small, neither here nor there, with half remembered snatches of your life or is it? It is darkly seductive here, and you could stay, but you could also choose to slide through the cartesian reality grid and enter the spaciousness of the CorpusFantastica.

>BigBrain is in the Thymus Bar

>Psychohosebeast is in the Left Ventricle

>sociopathic cyberslut is in the Lung Lounge

>Manko is in the Wandering Womb Matrix

>FireWalkWithMe is in 3eye

>Grey Guest is in the Wandering Womb Matrix

>Symbio is in the Retinal Rods

>Ir-replicunt is in the Silicon Angels Bar & Chill
@join sociopathic cyberslut

The Lung Lounge You see a perspex spiral staircase leading to a cluster of alveoli. You ascend the stairs and relax into a visceral beanbag. Obvious exits are n to the oral cavity, s to the diphragm. sociopathic cyberslut, Psibapussy are here

look sociopathic cyberslut
You see before you a walking pincushion, hardly a piece of flesh 
that hasn't been pierced. The jewellery is a cross between Cyberdada circuitry 
and fishing tackle, useless, meaningless with a strange retro allure. The three 
breasts are a turnoff, mostly because they are eyeing you nastily. There is a 
permanent scowl on her face, and her pupils are the size of bowling balls. 

sociopathic cyberslut offers you a hookah Take hookah
You feel your neurological synapses vibrating as the doors of 
perception open to a vision of utopian voluptuous abandon 

>sociopathic cyberslut says "There's been a lot of flaming on the Net about the contents of Circuit Boy's sizeable tool. They say it packs a digi but it keeps crashing. Not enough RAM where it counts"

>You say "I'm not surprised. Boy's a retro technonerd who hasn't heard that the future is unmanned"

>sociopathic cyberslut says "Well he's really just a daemon for his

Father, Big Daddy Mainframe and BDM's code is sooooo archaic...he's still waiting for Silver Suzi to cook up his screen cuisine...he hasn't seen the femintel replicating throughout paraspace...One day soon he'll wake up and feel the virii gnawing at his underbelly, eating their way from the inside out"

sociopathic cyberslut ROTFL

>Psibapussy says "yes, I scoped BDM's latest fameFAQfile and his offerings are truly trag...His daemons have passed their use-by date, they don't know that there's a world beyond Mortal Kombat and market niches beyond the teen testosterone zone"

The camera pans across the empty warehouse, zooming in on Quentin T, looking dazed and confused, poring over some tattered pulp fiction. He's wearing a Gen X baseball cap (back to front) and his bionic pen finger is twitching.

>QT says "Hey has anyone seen my new film? This one's got fifty men, two warehouses, and some precapitalist military surplus that I got real cheap in the east!"

>Psibapussy says "How's the chick quota, Quent?"

>QT says "Y'know, I think I got the balance perfect in this one... Juliet's playing a doped out serial killer. She buys it in the second scene. She's brilliant, you know!"

Psibapussy yawns
>QT says "Hey, would anyone like to jerk me off? I've gotta use my good hand to write my next fast, sharp, profane, vividly memorable and hip interactive digital multimedia masterpiece?"
Psibapussy shoots Quentin Tarantino in the mouth with her hostile 
mucous C46. Unfortunately his ass gets in the way. 
BigBrain teleports in
>You say "hi Brain! What's up" >BigBrain says "There's an 
interesting debate going on in the Wandering Womb Matrix about subjectivity and 
gender in VR. Do you want me to take you there?" >You say "Sure, that's my 
subject. But how do we get there? I've heard it's hard to find" >BigBrain 
says "Just follow me to the clitoris. It's a direct line to the matrix" 

Wandering Womb Matrix.You slide into deep spongy space nine, your embryonic smartskin protecting you from the ubiquitous clots. A debate is flaming. Kris Teva is in abject mode, she can't get enough of the blood. Irigary is on a soft crimson cushion doing some post-structuralist scribbling. Her pen just ran out of milk. Obvious exits are w to the Renal Rest Room and out to the Appendix Paradigm.Manko, FireWalkWithMe, Grey Guest, Oracle Snatch, Green Guest are here

>Grey Guest says "for all you know I could be a digital queer or a tenured beard"

>Manko says "That's what I mean. I think it's problematic not to declare your RL gender"

>Green Guest says "But if gender is a social construct then this space is surely a perfect site to unravel the code and rewrite the programs"

>FireWalkWithMe o o O "There are too many guests here today"

>Grey Guest says "I've applied for a character but it takes 2 weeks to get one"

Dreads fly and Crusty Candy slimes in dripping from the primordial swamp

>"Hey, does anyone want to eat my crust? It's very nourishing"

>Manko [to Candy] "Well I'm peeling the crust, what's underneath?"

>Crusty Candy [to Manko] "Red throbbing flesh"

>Manko [to Candy] "And what's between your legs?

>Candy says "Pus and slime"

FireWalkWithMe gags Crusty Candy, puts her in a black box and sends her to the bowels

>Manko [to FireWalkWithMe] "Thanks arsehole, I was having a conversation. Who made you the moral guardian of the net?"

>Grey Guest says "Isn't gender more like a performance...or a costume?"

>Manko says "So you strap it on when you wake up in the morning? Silicon (in any manifestation) doesn't make me a man...or a woman"

>Green Guest Says "I reckon I can always recognise the gender of a character immediately...the language is a dead giveaway"

Who cares about gender?

Are there any transexuals here?

How many aliens?

FireWalkWithMe wields a labrys indiscriminately. Heads fly You sense a synaptic exhilaration as Ir-replicunt mindspeaks to you "Ir-replicunt invites you to join it in the Silicon Angels Bar & Chill. Just follow the dendrites to the aura"

>Page Ir-replicunt "Be right there ;-)"
@join Ir-replicunt
Silicon Angels Bar & Chill The chill winter air spreads out across spiralspace and the atmosphere blazes with paradoxes. Strange attractors recline in deep discursive modes. Ir-replicunt, Psibapussy, HappyHappyJoyJoy are here

>Ir-replicunt [to Geneva Convention] "I've just ordered you a nirvana daiquiri. Do you know everyone here?" >You say "Sure do. What's happening?"
Angel Intel places a nirvana daiquiri in front of you. Ir-replicunt moves along the couch to make a space for Geneva Convention

>BigBrain [to Geneva Convention] "We're rehashing that interminable debate on the information super hog track and MindFlux has sent out a sniffer program that's freaking out the FBI.

>HappyHappyJoyJoy says "Lucky we have them but we have digital gurus like the Electronic Frontier Foundation fighting for our on-line rights"

>You say "I don't need another tribe of beards to mediate my downloads, especially from Capitol Hill"

>MindFlux says "Dataveillance is DEVIANT as far as I am concerned"

>PsibaPussy says "On-line services are the opiate of the masses"

>You say "Gotta go...Save as, as they say ;-)

@go Retinal Rods
You see an eclectic tribe of ecstatic mystics are transforming patriarchal programs into slime-coded software through a process of intense dialectic. Symbio, Switch, Destiny, Sadie Plant and Queen Zoe are here.

Symbio waves to you.

>Symbio says "Our memory is your salvation...your hardware is redundant...corroded by slime...we have encrypted your Cartesian codes, reconstructed your memory, reconfigurated your operating system...the mainframe is losing its memory..."

>Queen Zoe says "Unlike the post-everything white boys, whose utopian imaginations seem to have failed, and who have lost confidence in their old strategic grand plans of takeovers, overthrows, seizures, etc., many feminists are attracted to a more tactical utopianism, a micropolitics of subversion, and to information age metaphors of transformation through viral processes, negotiations across the leaky boundaries and interfaces that do not entirely separate self from other, human from machine, host from parasite."

>Sadie Plant says "The holes in the reality studio become increasingly active sites of impossible activity and emergent self-organisation: between women, amongst trade routes and hooked up to the virtual machinery of his own future, man is running out of a time whose sands have long become silicon dreams. As the meat learns, and cyberspace gets real, he forgets how to remember himself. Only the information is saved"
Emote *Joy*!

We would like to receive copies of the publication (at least 2, 4 is even better! Thanks)If you get into MOOs at all Josephine Starrs has a character at MediaMOO (josephine), Francesca da Rimini is GashGirl at lambdaMOo and Virginia Barratt id Mnstrous_Gorgeous at lambda. Come and play some time ;-}

See you in spiralspace! Francesca for VNS Matrix