09.2004 [exhibition:naked bandit; Vol II]:

Rotterdam, NL
In recent months, six curators have 'traced' contemporary art in the city. Their exploration of Rotterdam's urban centre, the Port of Rotterdam and the Maasvlakte area for port-related industrial activities resulted in six thought-provoking visualizations.

Andreas Broeckmann (Germany) fixes attention on the massive strategic oil reserve in the Port of Rotterdam, intended for international crises. For his exhibition Neuralgic, 90 Days to Shake the World, Broeckmann uses this oil reserve as a metaphorical starting point. Artists: Marnix de Nijs, Joe Cillen, Ursula Biemann, Joost Conijn, Heidrun Holzfeind, Dick el Demasiado, Knowbotic Research and AGF aka antye greie.

01.07.2004 [exhibition:IO_dencies]:

São Paulo. Brazil
The main theme of the event is "Technological Divergences", that means, in other words: how can we politicize the discussion on the new technologies?[...]The exhibition opens the 1st of July 2004 and the conference the following day at the Itaucultural building São Paulo. [...]The City as Interface, together to the groups Blast Theory (UK), ParaSite (USA), Simone Michelin (Brazilian artist) and Nelson Brissac (Brazilian curator).

16.05. - 16.08.2003 [exhibition: naked_bandit; VOL I]:
Taipeh, Taiwan

05.03.2004 [script] :
The jubilee-publication for Peter Weibel is published.
ISBN: 3-88396-194-9

23.04. - 30.04.2004 [exhibition: IO_dencies]:

Bilbao Katalonien

The International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication: Ciber@RT Bilbao 2004 is preparing its next edition which, under the heading “Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity”, will take place in the city of Bilbao from Friday 23rd to Friday 30th of April 2004.

May 2004 [jury] :

"I would like to invite you to participate in the on-line jury of Fusedspace in May 2004 "