picture: Gerhard Koller

Machinic Intervention - Magnetic Force Feedback (exhibition interface) The processes of IO_lavoro immateriale in the interface are fleeting and distorted, but they can be acted upon. The participants' interventions and modifications in the database manifest themselves as energetic condensations, twists and bendings. In the form of magnetic fields presented in the exhibition (physical force feedback to the relational forces inbetween the database information ), Knowbotic Research designs an additional materialisation of the ongoing processes in the database and thus offers them to physical experience. Lazzarato's central question is also raised by the interface: What kind of action is possible in the public space? 'Possible' should here be understood inthe sense of constructive, constructive in the sense of open and resistant, resistant in the sense of physical, i.e. physical in between the virtuality of the technological and the virtuality of society.

exhibition, Venice


Austrian Pavillion view 1
Austrian Pavillion view 2
Austrian Pavillion view 3
public impressions

This images show the installation situation with the magnetic force field table inside the Austrian Pavillion during the
Venice Biennal 1999