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IO_dencies Sao Paulo Urbanism in exploding mega cities with high social inequalities like Sao Paulo means that city space is delimited and planned only for about one third of the inhabitants, the rest of the people stays outside the walls of the capitalized space. Urbanism means the building of walls that protect the rich city from the 70% of poor, illegal settlements. In our studies we found clear needs for relevant forms of agency which are able to deal with the complex processes of urban exclusions. These forms of agency don't have to deal so much with the re-articulation of territory, but they have to invent and produce existential interfaces which enable in a more and more disappearing public environment in order to avoid political, economical and cultural isolation. Some examples of material in the Sao Paulo cartographies: the mythical role of technologies for immigrants of the north of Brazil , interviews with people of favelas on self organized job markets and parter-economies, the regulation of the real estate market by law, historic artistic views on the city, etc.


collaborative environment

1997 - 1999

krcf in Zusammenarbeit
mit Detlev Schwabe

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karsruhe,

in the context of escape | esprit long term research project 25377

Goethe Institut São Paulo, 1998

und: Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin V2, Ars Electronica, Lehmbruck Museum, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

F. Duarte: Emerging Places; e
A. SChiffler, D. Schwabe, krcf: IO_dencies System; e

Technical concept & application software development: Andreas Schiffler and Detlev Schwabe,ZKM Audio application development: Kr+cF

Urban editors: Fabio Duarte, Artur Lara, Sandro Canavezzi, Polise de Marchi, Renato Cymbalista, Keila Costa, Maria Elvira, Marcos Godoi, Maur'cio Ribeiro da Silva, Reinaldo de Jesus Consoli

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