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seen in Pristina, Sunday 8.10 am

Blackbenz Race ¦ Rotterdam ¦ April 13th 2007

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BlackBenz Race (BBR) is a semi-fictitious car race throughout Europe with a convoy of black Mercedes cars. The race traces and makes visible the translocal space produced by Kosovo-Albanian migration across Europe. BBR explores the intersection of public spheres and migrant networks by using the metaphor of the (illegal) car race.
The 'Black Benz' represents both a status symbol, and a symbol of the mobility that is inherent in migrant culture. The site of that mobility is the corridor along which the cars travel, from Pristina and Tirana to Zurich,
London, Rotterdam. The Black Benz is both a tool and a symbol, a vehicle for trading and trafficking of people and goods, as well as a sign of economic success. Within street racing, many of these different readings are collapsed, often under the sensationalist gaze of the mass media.

The project is located in the field of tension between the emotionally charged metaphor of the race (with its allusions to swift, uninterrupted passage through space) and the realities of moving through socio-political space full of visible and invisible barriers, detours and unexpected encounters.
The less visible these translocal activities are becoming they more effective they are often functioning. Since anybody can stay continously invisible, a dazzling interplay of appearing and disappearing is taking place.

economy of translocal signs
translation is necessary



seen in Pristina, Sunday 8.10 am

seen in Pristina, Sunday 8.10 am