project description; last updated: October 16, 2005
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-----------------Knowbotic Research
investigates in the context of the
"war of terror" legal frameworks which inscribe and determine in mostly invisible layers our public fields of
action. KR directs the attention away from the dominant layer of represen-tation through mass media images and addresses directly the coded layers of these political inscriptions and offers interface to interfere into their logics.

minds of concern :: breaking news was intervening into the security politics of a networked culture, naked bandit/here, not here/white sovereign focuses on the
mechanisms of detainment of so-called 'unlawful enemy combatants'
(terror suspects not entitled the legal status of prisoners of war):

white sovereign:
naked bandit here, not here
naked bandit: here, not here

The (global) sovereign defines detained persons as 'here'(detained) and, at the same moment, 'elsewhere', not here, not anymore on the territory of the nation state, and thus banned, stripped off from the legal framework which the nation state guarantees ('naked bandit'). -
'Naked bandits' are here and not here: detained in exterritorial spheres.
These processes of detainment call into question the dominant notions of sovereignty and citizenship which define the legal status of a person.
[transcode] ------------------------------------------------------ The project investigates the formal mechanisms of such an inclusive exclusion and the inherent formations of power. Knowbotic Research translates the dilemma of the naked bandit, being
excluded from the legal body and included in a extraterritorial non location
into 3 different coded levels, and thus opens up virtual potentials and agencies to deal with (address, confront, alienate, contaminate) the naked bandit/here, not here/white sovereign logics.