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The development of cities is unpredictable. Urban processes cannot be planned or envisaged, nor can they be controlled.
IO_DENCIES transposes urban questions from the real, physical space into an experimental field of events and flows in the data network. The project suggests hypothetical interfaces for working with the tendential forces that run through urban environments.
In the first phase of the 'IO_DENCIES' (tendencies) project, the so-called mega-cities of Tokyo, Sao Paolo and Berlin are read regarding the specific urban forces that determine their activities and growth. Urban profiles are developed in co-operation with local architects, urban planners and city inhabitants.
Certain city areas, 'zones of intensity', visible and invisible strata of the urban environment are transduced into electronic fields in order to open them up for collaborative actions. A special World Wide Web interface offers opportunities for developing these actions together with other operators in a networked environment. The project strives for articulating an actual potential of constructing public spaces which can realise the local urban qualities within global systems.

(text in collaboration with Andreas Broeckmann)

collaborative environment


krcf in cooperation with Detlev Schwabe and Sota Ichikawa

Cannon Artlab Tokyo

Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Ministery for Research and Higher Education NRW realization with Detlev Schwabe

Hillside Plaza Tokyo 1997
Ars Electronica Linz 1998
DEAF Rotterdam 1998
netcondition ZKM 1999

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W. Ernst: There is no city?;[e]
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Catalogue: Artlab 7, IO_dencies, questioning urbanity