Collaborative Internetuser. View on the Java Applet to participate over the Internet There is another mechanism between the information space and myself, and my actions, not directly but through the knowbots as agent, influence the space. Here it is even more impossible for me to suppose the non-intermediated self such as the one appearing in dreams. It is not me who influences, but knowbots affected by me have a mysteriuos impact on the space as my agent. knowbots are agents in term of software engineering. Their movements are triggered by the accumulation of simple action principles, and they constitute a kind of society, as in a "life game" in mathematics. There is nothing "intellectual" about them in conventional sense, that is, intellect premised on the concept of modern ego. They are not the intellect of the framed artificial intelligence in the past, but they are "wormified" as opposed to being personified. It is the world which Rodney Brooks of M.I.T. claimed in his text "Intelligence without Representation". We do not directly decide cities, but knowbots do at our initiatives. Needless to say, this gap between the subjective decision-maker and the action agent ridicule today's issue of political representation. This space continues to derivate, is endless and has no deadline.
Where is utopia, or where is the master by Fumihiro Nonomura in Artlab 7 IO_dencies quetsioning urbanity, Tokyo 1998


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a singularity quality [Sandwich Man] of the Shimbashi Station