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In order for this interdiscursive practice to succeed, the recent cultural dominance of a discourse of simulation with regard to technologically based virtuality has to be broken. This break is a precondition for interventions in the sense of relevant (social) action through digital interfaces. An effective vocabulary for the networked cross-currents between the project participants could include notions like: improvisation with patterns of attention, contradicting the predictable, accelerated modifications and operational clashes, failure of immediate feedback loops, rupture of the transformations, tactical connectivities between operational structures and weaknesses of the referential system. Tactics like these effect modulations in their own action spaces, they create inter-machines and open up interfaces to their own constructions.

IO_lavoro immateriale articulates connective interfaces which incorporate the potentials of agency in the multiple movements of the information. The interface itself becomes the open result of immaterial labour.

collaborative interface


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